Coaching Feedback

What clients have said about Faviell Performance Coaching.

“After just a few sessions of coaching, I have already started to think differently about both my professional and personal relationships. I have explored new approaches to situations that I found challenging or uncomfortable in the past. I have developed more confidence in my own ability and knowledge. Most importantly, I trust myself more. Coaching has enabled me to confront issues that I have been avoiding for years- and find positive ways to move forward.”

“The coaching session I had with Zoe Parker was inspiring and motivating. It has really helped to clarify and reaffirm goals and wants for the future.”

“What a wonderful experience! I left the Coaching session feeling fired up with an action plan that felt achievable and goals that no longer seemed out of reach.”

“These sessions have made a real difference to my life. They have given me confidence, and helped me to see that I am more than capable of getting the job I want!”

“I have been coached by Zoe Parker for over 4 months and it has been incredibly helpful. I have been through a series of significant changes in my life and Zoe has provided an insightful, flexible, safe space for me to go to. This has supported me to stay on track through this transition. I can see the difference in my life. I feel more empowered and clear headed in every area. She is a strong coach and nothing I bring phases her.”

“Great combination of warmth and objectivity. I really felt heard. Very useful- Thanks!”

“Coaching with Zoe has been really important to me over the last few years. She has really listened to me when I’ve had tricky situations to deal with and has really helped me to look at things from new perspectives. She has challenged me without  any sense of judgement, which has been invaluable.”

“Through my time in coaching with Zoe I have become happier and more actively involved in creating my life as I would like it to be. Zoe possesses great intuition and has gently coached me through issues that were preventing me from feeling expressed or empowered. The process has seemed effortless and enjoyable, and yet the outcomes and changes have been huge. Zoe thank you for helping me overcome negative emotions after a divorce and coaching me to find forgiveness; for helping me create structure in my life to make it work; for nurturing my confidence to start my business; for the courage to train for and run a 10k race. There is so much more … has it only been 4 months!”

“Zoe helped me understand the opportunities I had choosing my A-level options. I am a person who finds decisions difficult and found that Zoe was brilliant at understanding my personality and helping me choose subjects based on what I wanted. I would strongly recommend her to anyone having difficulty in this or other areas. She is extremely receptive and professional.”

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