Coaching Tools

“What a wonderful experience! I left the Coaching session feeling fired up with an action plan that felt achievable and goals that no longer seemed out of reach.”

Below are some of ‘the tools’ we use in coaching sessions:

  •  ‘Visioning’ is an exercise we can use so that you can get clearer about what you want. After all, if you don’t know what you want, how can you get there?
  • Goal setting – before you can get what you want, you need to do two things. First choose what you want. Second set an active positive and achievable goal around getting it. This is a really helpful tool for getting to where you want to be. It gives you a way of ‘measuring’ if you git there too.
  • Reflecting – is a process of repeating back what you say to you.  This one of the most powerful coaching tools. In listening to your own words, you can be very surprised. people often exclaim ‘did I say that?’ yes you are much smarter than you think.
  • NLP techniques - neuro linguistic programming techniques are specific frameworks and tools that can be used in coaching for a number of purposes. These can help you see difficult situations in a new way and can give more options about what you can do to deal with that situation.
  • Clean Language  - a useful tool that works with metaphor and the unconscious mind.  This can be used within general coaching or as a stand alone tool. It can radically shift your thinking.

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