Benefits of Coaching

In order to get what you want, you must first know what you want.  In coaching, you get to hear what you think. Through this you can make surprising discoveries about what you really want (which can be very different to what you thought you wanted.)

“I chose coaching because I got to a point where I just wasn’t prepared to put up with ‘getting by’ anymore. Coaching helped me discover what I really wanted. I have found it incredibly useful – which is why I still have coaching every week.”  - Faviell Performance Coaching client, London.

Key Benefits:

Increased energy and positivity about career and/or life.

Increased clarity in goals and what you want.

Improved communication skills.

Increased happiness and self-confidence.

Increased insight into self and others – such as more effective relationships, and increased interpersonal skills.

Increased productivity  - such as work performance, time management and team effectiveness

“What a wonderful experience! I left the Coaching session feeling fired up with an action plan that felt achievable and goals that no longer seemed out of reach.”


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