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I remember those first steps… first dance class, first date, first time i truly knew what i wanted to do with my life, first time my soul leapt and danced…for love!

And those first times are so amazing, so wonderous and so vivid. They inspire us! They re-inject passion and wonder in us, and a little touch of magic deep in our soul.

Life is very simple in a sense. You have passions. You figure out a way to live them out. This, I call ‘soul flutters’ –  moments that send tingles down my spine – moments that make us feel excited and inspired to be alive…a lot like those first times.

But we need to remember that these first moments are happening everyday if we take notice.

Each time we feel something and do something, it can be new, it can be like the first time. Each breath, each sunrise, each smile. Consider if you only had one day … imagine how many first moments and ‘soul flutters’ you might have! It could be the beauty of nature, or in someone else’s expression, it could be in a dear memory, or in nothing at all…just the beauty of being alive in this moment right NOW!

In the same way, we need to remember that we have the power to make our own soul’s flutter – no one man, thing or career will ever be more than our music. They are just those really great things we can have fun with when we choose to.

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